• Screen today for a better tomorrow
    Screen today for a better tomorrow

    Durban Breast Clinic, in association with The Surgical Screening Clinic, is a specialized clinical diagnostic center aimed at patients who require investigations for their Breast problems / symptoms.

  • Specialist Surgeons and Clinicians, trained in aspects of health-care, in particular, Breast Health, assist in diagnosing diseases and managing certain breast conditions that are common, yet complex, in our general society.
  • Patients can be seen, risk stratified, investigated with ultrasound, biopsied, counselled and educated in this safe and comfortable environment.
  • This is the first clinical unit to be established outside of a hospital setting offering specialized care from experienced clinicians.
  • Our aim is to try and provide a dedicated service related to all aspects of breast diseases.

A safe, comfortable specialized diagnostic suite, with procedures performed by Specialists trained in Breast Diseases and diagnostics.